A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic post-World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964…

The Demographic goes on to describe these boomers as people with high disposable income, jobs for life, with excellent final salary pensions… Boomer or Bust, Living a laptop lifestyle?

Boomers – Feeling Left Out Yet?

Baby Boomers retire early in great physical shape, debt-free, mortgage paid, no boomerang kids, and the time freedom to enjoy life to the max… Spent doing what they love, with whom they love…
Sounds great, time and money freedom.
They do not need to make money online, they have a laptop lifestyle.

Boomer Or Bust – Secrets

OK Secret Time for you
I was born in 1959,( So Boomer) I Know a great year, spawned a few well-known celebs  Simon Cowell, Magic Johnson, Hugh Lawrie, Sean Bean, Emma Thompson, Josie Lawerence, Florence Griffith Joyner & Gerhard Berger

A list of exceptionals who made names for themselves…But hold on a minute I am not an international sports star, or a playwright or politician…Boomer Or Bust?

Boomer or Bust  – Have Nots…

I am a Baby Boomer. But I do not have a final salary pension. I have never had a job for life, I have had to pay for my kids tertiary education
My house is nearly paid for, but this is the second time I have nearly finished paying for a house only to see a property crisis.
The value of my house teetering on the edge of oblivion…in reality that house is my security. I may just get it paid off and then I will see the value halve! I need to make money online, to grab my laptop lifestyle, I like the look of internet marketing.

Boomer  – Bust?

Well not quite, I had more unsecured debt than I was comfortable with, a couple of credit cards maxed out, nothing like what the UK Government is carrying, but with that, a car payment, and the utility bills well my income is pretty well consumed…

Luckily I had an enterprising wife who had started her own business, so we could more than cover the outgoings, but hold on…. we are both either self-employed or ( Enterprisingly enough) on high yield work only contracts..

So any failure to work results in a prompt failure to earn!

So would it surprise you to learn that following two lots of recent shoulder surgery during 2012 we are in a bit more of a pickle than we had been 12 months previously?…

This was the major reason why we are in the credit card chicane… worse is still to come, my next child [I have 4] to hit 17 ( Max ) Bless him, was getting all excited about learning to drive.
He passed his test in August… the lessons, even buying a car, were both easy enough… but have you seen the cost of insurance for an 18-year-old newly qualified driver?
If You haven't and you are heading to a similar milestone, take a chair, grab a beer, or a glass of red … you are in for a shock…

Hence my urgent need to make money online.

I did not begrudge my son his desire to drive… but consider what the roads were like when we started.

This was pretty much what my first car looked like when I bought it for £35


This is not my car, but it looked something like this on arrival, Same Year Same Model
I was 15 and very determined.

My Dad, bless him, “Cortina Man”, had just taken delivery of his second brand new car ( Vinyl Roof Hahaha). The first being a 1600e Cortina in Saluki Bronze UMB32E I think was the registration…

Anyway, I turned up driven by a friend's father, in his Land-Rover towing this heap.

Dad wouldn't let me work on it in the garage …  so all the remedial work had to be done outside… except the engine rebuild.


I would love to say the finished product looked this good… it didn't.
I never got the chrome sorted to that standard … but the rest was ok…certainly legal and safe.

I Bought this wreck at 15, with the money I had earned myself at the local golf club, caddying, ball fishing, and helping in the clubhouse… glass washing stuff like that.
I just worked my ass off to sort it and earn enough to run it…
My Dad was so impressed at my dedication he helped with the insurance for a birthday present…

Why am I telling you all this?
Well, I wish my kids could do that …
I mean if they wanted they could do the car repair bits themselves, easier now with YouTube,
But insurance? …
No way, it would require a second mortgage… So it will fall to me… again
we will have to find a cheap low-class insurance group car ( prolly a second hand smart) that the insurance will be manageable on.

Boomer Or Bust – What Else Can you Do?

Earn more… er simple… but I do not want to be working for the rest of my life… and let's be honest here… my Dad earned enough money from one single job that his mortgage payment was 25% of his monthly income. My Mortgage payment is 25% of our joint income!   So even by doubling our work, we are still breaking even…

 The Solution – Can You Make Money Online?

I was looking for a way of developing a business, that meant

  • I did not have to recruit my reluctant relatives and friends.
  • I did not want my house turned in to “drop ship central” twice a week with 3 pallets of goods on the drive.
  • I didn't want to cold call and face constant rejection.
  • I didn't want to work 70 hours a week, then in my spare time (sic) Go out on the road again to build something that nobody wanted, come home in the middle of the night and watch my children growing up asleep.
  • Or we could do a Tupperware party or maybe Avon!

Not Possible  I hear you say… well I must admit I was of the same opinion…
Then someone whispered the words internet marketing in my ear…

Thanks to Internet marketing, there is an alternative to traditional work at home opportunities.
The ‘Digital Economy’ is a rapidly growing global network, which will continue to see an increase in internet shoppers and online customers. Let's grab the laptop lifestyle

This is why Affiliate/internet marketing can provide exceptional benefits for people like us boomers,
(I think we are actually the in-betweeners… in between the thrusting self-sacrificing pre boomers of the war and the techno-savvy youngsters)


Put simply, an Affiliate Marketer is like a “middle man” who promotes somebody else’s goods on the internet.

  • You do not have to invent a new widget or hold stock to sell, and definitely no handling, storing or delivery issues.
  • You don’t have business overheads like franchise fees, insurance, equipment, premises or staff to pay.
  • You never deal with customers directly, as the sales are made between the customer and the owner of the product you have promoted.

All you are doing is putting the online customer (from anywhere in the world) in touch with the seller’s website.

Every time a sale is made because of your marketing efforts (like blogging or social media for example), you get a commission.

Establish your foundations correctly, and it becomes a ‘set and forget’ business model that takes a few hours of attention each day to maintain.
You promote products online by marketing them using ‘Affiliate Links and resources ’ created for you, and when you master
How To Drive Traffic to that offer,
the rest almost takes care of itself.

Who is the biggest proponent of affiliate marketing do you suppose… for a business model we have never heard of they are a household name… Amazon… they do more business by affiliates recommending their products than just about any other method of marketing. People make money online. Period.

Affiliate Marketing can be undertaken by people of all skill levels. You just need the ‘know-how’ to set up strong foundations, where to find the right products to promote and the most effective ways to get online shoppers to buy what they are looking for using your link.

There are without doubt ways to do this and ways not to do this. A strategic approach is key – it will really make a difference in your level of success. The Affiliate Marketing Industry is currently wide open compared to most jobs and businesses. In fact, if you ask most people in the street or in your circle of friends, it is probable they will have no idea what an Affiliate Marketer is or does. So for once, we are in on the ground floor.

Boomer Or Bust – Warning

Affiliate Marketing is NOT about getting rich quick. It involves work, but our generation has never been scared of work, right?–

Do The work right, and you will make money online, a stable, dependable income practically on autopilot.

I believe from my research ( I strongly advise you do your own) that ongoing financial security is attainable in a far better way than a job or a pension can ever hope to provide. You essentially become an Entrepreneur (your own boss) so you are never at risk of losing your job, and if the market for one product starts to wane you will have the skills just pick six more and rinse and repeat.

Take Care

Do yourself a massive favour Break Those Chains!


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