Well, Are You?

You don't have to you know there are plenty of others will do that for you quickly enough…lifestyle choices are going to be challenging,  come on give yourself a break…

Are you sitting, staring at the screen right now quietly asking yourself about this internet business,

What is wrong with me?

I know that scenario, or

Just what have you achieved in your internet business today? Have you made your first gazillion yet?

Then starts all the self-recrimination, the feeling of self-loathing…

“I know I should be able make my lifestyle choices, make money on line, why can't I just sit down , focus and get the bloody job done?

What is wrong with ME????


Think you are alone in these thoughts, do you?
Got the market covered in “can'tdoitstinkingthinkingdiesease” have you?

Most people who run internet business to make money online suffer from this feeling at least once…

You Want Lifestyle Choices? – A Secret From The Heart

Look I'll let you into a little secret,

Anyone, whoever did anything had moments of procrastination.

  • Do you find your mind wandering off to completely unrelated topics?
  •   and yet KNOWING it is not beneficial,
  • you will carry on doing what you know you shouldn't,
  • almost to prove some maniacal point to yourself
  • that whatever you think you should be doing your bloody well going to
  • fritter all this time away doing what you know you shouldn't…
Then what happens?
  • Having spent a pointless day scrolling around the internet,
  • or just staring blankly at Facebook failing to even interact,
  • or just watching facile videos on YouTube,


At whatever is your bedtime, your wife lovingly calls saying

“Come on love you have had a tough day switch it off lets get some sleep…”

So It is Now 1/2 past the middle of the night and NOW… NOW…
The productive juices start flowing…

  • So you get stuck in produce a quick blog,
  • distribute it to all the wrong places,
  • Fail completely to bookmark it
  • and
  • cock up the backlinking campaign to boot…

You crawl off to bed still hating yourself, toss and turn, thinking of all the things you set out to achieve and yet failed, and you lie there hating yourself…

Seems like I have a pretty good handle on this stuff right?

I'll tell you right from “pre O levels” my life has been like this, I used to lie in bed dreading the morning, at times of stress around exams in particular…
Everyone feels like this at some point in their life.
High achievers feel it more than most as they KNOW what needs to be done.
Yet they still have days when they cannot produce what they think they should.

 A Solution

The secret is to notice when it is happening and break the cycle.
Get out of the rut that is starting to be formed and before the sides get above your head and you start off on another cycle of non-productivity… break free... go for a walk, go to lunch, do something completely different.
Are You Beating Yourself Up? Please don't…

Let your head recover in other words.

Our minds are incredible things, but you can overdo it.
The thing is you are only aware of the top layer, the bit that you are bullying to perform.
Below that surface area, there is a myriad of tasks being performed, constant work,

  • judging time and distances,
  • keeping the heart going,
  • breathing,
  • standing upright,
  • commanding the fingers to type the correct letters
  • whilst you stare at the screen processing even more data
  • and more data
  • more more more
  • STOP
Pretty tough huh? well, it can be, without proper rest breaks and refueling stops.

The worst part though is the self-recrimination…
your subconscious is doing its very best to achieve what you have programmed it to achieve…
( See The Stuart Lichtman Book For More Information On This)
You Lying there screaming at yourself about how bad you are is just going destroy your self-confidence,
then a true downward spiral will begin,
corrosive self-recrimination,
the subconscious living up to your poor self-image, and achieving nothing,
worse still actually sabotaging any real attempts to produce anything worth having…

I try to exercise my way away from bad head days.
I am currently halfway through a huge ( for me ) personal challenge of rowing distances against time with a view to getting back into good physical shape for starting competitive sailing again.
Well, I was feeling down on myself this morning I hadn't got the jobs done off my to-do list as I wanted to and I found my concentration wandering.
So I kicked back and went to the shed to row my 4 K…

Wow, what an effort that was, the first 500 m especially.
I was sure I couldn't do anything today, got through the first click, and felt “That's enough!” … but something made me push through …
Now I need to average 1000 meters every 5 minutes to be on target, well the first 500 took 3.35 the first 1000 took over 7 minutes.
well I may as well stop there said I, and as I rowed I wrote this blog in my head,
about the corrosive nature of this downward spiral.

I took my mind off the goal, and I focussed on the wrong thing at the right time,
ie I mapped out in my head what I was going to write…
well my subconscious took over, the stroke rate increased the output per stroke increased, and in small imperceptible amounts, the work to get back on target was done…
Until bang, on 20 minutes The 4K mark was hit.

I Broke the cycle, by getting my mind off what was stopping me, and focusing on something unrelated if that makes sense.
Now I am not suggesting you all gallop out and buy a £1200 rowing machine.
They are great tools but they are a very serious piece of kit that I use for some pretty serious training.
Both for my self and some of the sailors I coach…
By utilising what I had, I got out of the fast forming rut of negative ie

woe is me I cannot do what is needed to get my internet business booming…

I created the positive stuff again and was able to get back into productive mode again.

If I feel the same thing happen again this afternoon I will almost certainly turn everything off and go for a long walk up at the sailing club, chat with the two guys I am currently working with to help them achieve their goal of becoming National Champions…

This mental R & R is vital, and why balance is so important, and also why you need to vary what you do, and where you do it…

Are You Beating Yourself Up? – Give Yourself A Break

I sincerely hope this has helped you, even understanding that you are not on your own in feeling like this will be a weight off your back. It certainly was for me, I thought I was the only one like this, how did all those hyper positive people keep their attitude up and so focused?

Practice and training, and keeping the bad days to themselves…

The only reason I have shared My bad days with you … is to share the solution and to try to take some off the self-inflicted pressure of you…

If you really want to achieve great things you need to tune into what you are telling yourself,  pay attention to that message, and then train yourself to react in a far better way …
The biggest game-changer for me was employing a coach, someone who

  • had my best interest at heart
  • was far enough away to see the problem
  • who was only interested in my best outcomes
  • and who made sure I knew I could achieve.
  • this single investment more than 10X'd my results…
  • If you keep finding yourself stuck or going round in circles
  • Hire a coach to get you back on the right track

The training I have invested in, over the last few years, could certainly help you to do this, and to be honest, although it felt pointless, when I first joined, (I wanted to know all about advertising and squeeze pages and the nuts and bolts) It became obvious the longer I stuck around not quite achieving the results I wanted, that the only thing I could truly work on was me…


Do yourself a massive favour Break Those Chains!


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