Life Is Like A CasseroleHow many times have you heard that…life is a casserole! What ever is that about,to be honest it is  the exact opposite of the picture… 3 sausages…If you want to make money online and earn yourself some lifestyle options then this is a very important lesson.

I used to try and keep my life compartmentalised, like the three sausages….all individually wrapped, they could be different flavours, cooked at different, staged times.

They have no impact on each other, … life is not like that, I really wanted to leave work in the cab, and not let it interfere with home, or business.  It isn't like that… Life is a casserole.

You Cannot Segment Your Life


In any business but especially if you want to  Make Money Online.*

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Have you tried to segment your life? Well I can assure you from personal experience it is very difficult if not impossible to do.What happens is the sections of your life, rub off onto others that you feel should be kept separate. So Unlike the sausages, Life is a casserole where all the flavours of every ingredient impact the final dish

Imagine this scenario… ( Life is a casserole )… Back story

Judi and Steve are working really hard to get ahead, they both have had successful careers in the hospitality trade,but when they got married they decided that split shifts, long hours, constant pressure were neither conducive to a long marriage or for child care…( Lifestyle Options?)

So a couple of career moves later they are now with three children, and number 4 on the way, running a successful business from home, and Steve is also out driving a truck to support the fledgling business.

They are busy, but a great team, playing to each others strengths in the business, with a fair split…

OK That is the back story…remember … life is a casserole…

Scene ~1 ( Life is a casserole )

Steve delivers highly dangerous chemicals to a variety of industrial sites, most of which prohibit the use of an electric tooth brush, let alone a mobile phone. It is  Tuesday, he has a long stint, on a single site which demands phones go  into the gate house. So that's fine the auto message on the phone explains what is happening, and gives Judi's phone number for emergency contact… But in the mix up that is life .. the life is a casserole thing, this is  sausage number 1! Lifestyle options are great but you need to make money online.

Scene~2 ( Life is a casserole )

Judi, bless her is having a nightmare day, the  two big children are off school poorly, the baby has got a tummy bug, she has run out of nappies, and has got awful morning sickness! Sausage No. 2 in Life is a casserole… Is The lifestyle option of choice for you?

Scene~3 ( Life is a casserole )

So our newest team member, George ( AKA Sausage No3 in life is a casserole )has had his belief level shattered by some one who really doesn't know anything about business, or how to make money online. This kind soul assures him that he is being scammed…with the words ” They'll take your money and you'll never hear from them again!” ringing in his ears he tries to make contact with his new Upline. Slightly intimidated because his sponsor has been building us up, as busy, excited people always happy to hear from new members, but to treat our time with respect, so this is the first call…life is a casserole!

Everything is going wrong here and it is impacting on every aspect of the sausages in this pan… Steve, Judi, and  George… Poor George with out even knowing it is annoying the life out of the gate house man at the industrial site, because Steve, in his rush had left the phone, locked in the gate house, but not switched  to silent…see the ripples spread.

Scene ~ 4 The Final act ( Life is a  Casserole )

George was getting more anxious that his friend was actually right, and that his $2000 was gently seeping out of his life, Judi was about ready to burst… if that damned phone rings one more time!….Life is a casserole…This was not what she had signed up for under lifestyle options!

Steve gets his phone back and a telling off from the gate house man, just checking his calls a number he doesn't recgonise is there, a lot, but life is a casserole. Just as Steve is about to phone George, Judi phones, and dumps her morning into the mix…Steve is really getting hacked of now. To try and get things under control, he parks in a lay by, turns everything off and goes to bed for a 45 minute driving break…. turns everything off except the phone… no sooner had he turned in… The phone rings … and poor old George gets


Already scared of these busy people, with the words of Doubting Thomas ringing in his ears George slams his phone down vowing to write it off as a bad job, and determines that he was never destined for freedom anyway!

Life is a casserole, things spill over from one section of your life and impact hugely into other areas.

That is fine as long as you know about it!

Getting The Dream Right ( Life is a casserole )

The fact that Life is a casserole, and that everything affects all other things is why you need a huge dream or motivation… That dream has got to work and keep you focused, so that even in Judi's situation,and lets add to the stress by suggesting that the mother-in-law is knocking at the door just as she answers the phone…what in her life is going to get her to answer that phone with a song in her heart and a smile on her lips and she can honestly say ” Hi, Ain't life great, how can I help you?” And actually mean it…

Life Is A Casserole

Life is a casserole, and that is just fine, as long as we know, and as long as we carry the right attitude through all aspects of life, the fact that life is a casserole, means that we can be ourselves in every corner of our world and never have to pretend to be what we aren't… as soon as that happens the balance goes wrong, the flavour sours, and the casserole is ruined…


I Hope you enjoyed that true story, George was rescued and went on to become very successful, learning as he did first hand that life is a casserole…. if you have any questions about how to become involved for your self … please contact me by emailing*

 * Individual results will vary ~ No results are guaranteed ~ Please see full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

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Take Care

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