My Book List

My Books List … How to Build and Then Protect a Great Positive Attitude.

Remember… You are in life a combination of who you run with and the books you read…..


As Promised here is a link to the blog post I talked about in the video

Right Then the first book I always recommend to anyone Starting out
is a cheat, cos it's TWO Books!

Rhinoceros Success

And….Advanced Rhinocerology

You cannot separate them.

  • If you want to get things done, in a realistic time frame.
  • Read them!
  • Implement their teaching.
  • You may not relate to them, or to me, BUT,
  • If You want to see things happen, These Two Books are Vital.
  • They may make you feel uncomfortable,
  •  Change is like that.
  • Step up and be counted,
  • Join The mountain people

Come on!

My Second In The Must Read List

It Only Takes everything you've got,

By Julio Melara…

If You cannot get into this great little book, I honestly suggest that you keep trying, it will give you the desire, the tools, and the route to take to achieve your dreams.

Number 3 In The Books that Everyone should read

The Go Getter,

By Peter b Kyne

Another great book, it is a story about HOW to be a Go Getter,

Relatable, happy… I can read this and not feel as though I am learning, I enjoy it, and the good stuff goes in…. Simples!


From here on in folks I am just going to post the links… they are in no particular order,If you have a question or challenge that you are facing at the moment, and you aren't sure which book is the best for that situation then please drop me a line, I am sure we can find the solution between us …

What to say when you talk to yourself


The Magic Of Thinking Big

The Golfer & The Millionaire

If You are facing Change in your life,or your business, it can be daunting.This little Book can really help .

This is your Life Not A Dress Rehearsal

The Miracle of Motivation

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Think & Grow Rich

Fields Of Diamonds


There you go folks that should keep you busy for a while…

Whats that?

How do I read?
Blimey…Well I gallop through the book once, to get the general feel for it.

Then I go through slowly with a highliting pen, striking through things that I find pertinent to me, or, I may put a sticky on a page that is important, and have even been known to staple notes to pages, for future reference… this process can take a day or a couple, or even weeks…

Then in my library I have a whole shelves of tried and tested reservoirs of knowledge.

I can dip in and out very quickly after that, speeding through the highlights, just to get the input fast….

I hope that makes sense, it is not my system I was taught it… but it works for Me… and do not worry about defacing the book, it is yours for life, you will always use them.You are adding value, not destroying something!

You may note in this small section that my books are not restricted to how to books, there is a great selection of what I call How I Books too. Biographies of successful people. People I admire who have overcome challenges, who are successful, despite themselves!

It is useful to have a collection of these in your tool box as they help people overcome their own challenges when they can relate to someone who has had to deal with the same stuff.

Right that really is enough… I will come back and update and add to this very short list over time… in the meantime please enjoy your time here, Please leave comments, and please ask questions…. use any of my contacts in the contacts page I would love to hear from you

Take care


I Will Match Your Pace Till You are Up and Running