Sssshhh No sudden movements you may scare them away, … Let your habits creep up on you, don't take them by surprise.

Nice and easy change one thing at a time, don't over complicate the job and you will be the new you.

The you, YOU deserve to be…set good habits.

“What is he talking about today Martha?…”



Internet Marketing – Like Any Business, Needs The Discipline Of Good Habits

Let me tell you a story, about a farmer, it may make it easier for you.

The wild horses in the picture would be very difficult to capture if you just went out in the desert and tried to round them up…

Well, this farmer needed to increase his stock of horses and had been trying for weeks to round up a few, when a local horse whisperer came in and offered to help. He didn't have a great deal with him.

All he asked to use was the farmers' hay, some lumber for fencing, and 30 days. In payment, he asked for a 10% Pick of the herd!

The farmer was amused, but also intrigued so he provided the feed and lumber.

Set Good Habits – From Day One

On the first day, apart from some hay scattered about he could see no activity at all, and this went on for four or five days.

Every night the Horseman would scatter the feed in the same place, and every day the horses would come in and eat it all. Then one morning the farmer noticed that there were four posts sticking up in random places in the field, the hay was still there, ready to be eaten.

In came the herd, not a worry, passed the posts and ate the hay.

The next day more posts appeared and the next and the next. Then low-level rails were put in haphazardly. The Horses could walk past in or over, they just carried on as normal.

Work Consistently – On Your Habits

After 29 days there was a square paddock, neatly fenced, and now there was a gate, open, which the horses were quite used to by now.

As usual, the horses came to get their hay, walking in, no panic, no stampede, just ambling in. Once they were in and feeding, the Horse Whisperer calmly walked up and closed the gate, the entire herd was in the paddock, eating happily as they had become accustomed to….

They had let habit capture them. They surrendered a life of freedom, in exchange for just enough hay, and no real effort to get it.

The farmer had over 60 new horses, and The Horse whisperer had his reward too.

Personal Freedom Is Won When You Set Good Habits

The habit of being fed led the horses to their loss of freedom…

Please don't let your habits creep up on you, and take away yours…

Our Jobs can finance our freedom, or become the fur-lined cage that binds us to the drudgery of the 9 to 5 existence,

Do not misunderstand me, most of us are happy and eager to make the trade. 

The apparent security of employment makes the sacrifice of freedom worthwhile…we happily trade our time and many of the special occasions in our family life to keep the jobs that pay for our survival.
I am NOT Anti job, Jobs are incredibly important… 

However, the lessons I have learned over many years of employment and self-employment, is we are only as safe as someone else allows us to be. 

That security which at the time seems so bombproof is in all reality very fragile and entirely at the behest or even whim of your boss or his boss

Internet marketing is like any other business, you need to set good habits, and be consistent if you want to increase your cash flow.

I know, we have responsibilities, we have bills to pay, cars to lease, houses to buy and furnish, kids to feed and clothe, but by allowing our habits to condition us into taking the food handout, the pay cheque mentality, we give so much of our freedom away…

Please Do Yourself and Your Family One Huge Favour

If you aren't sure how to make a start … well, really you just have. You are here reading this, so you know what you want from life…

I cannot promise to set you free, but If you enter your name in that box over on the right with your email address It will provide you with some information that could just empower you, to set yourself free.

Internet marketing has huge time leverage potential, but you need to set good habits from the start. Your Habits will set you free.

I hope you take the next step, no one can do it for you, but when you do I will be here to help.

You may well be outside the circle of your comfort zone, but, I am here to help you climb to the heights of your imagination.

Please understand, I DO NOT have a magic wand, I cannot offer any guarantees, but I do know how to get you from where you are to where you want to be, as long as you play your part in the equation, and do the work and create the habits of success. 

Do yourself a massive favour Break Those Chains!




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