I just want to thank my Mum for giving me the determination to succeed.

She taught me to get right on up and do it again, and again and again, until I got it right…

Wow super positive Mum? Well yes, but actually we all had Mums Like this, they all taught us to walk!

Now I have never heard a Mum say to her child when it fell down the first time, “Oh well you tried, just lie there now, stay flat on your face, squawking and blubbing.”

No, they pick you up, dust you off , quick peck on the cheek, and send you to fall again, and again, and again…

They do this in the knowledge that you were made to walk, so a few stumbles were not going to stop you, they were inevitable… Why then, do people quit at the first bump in the road? How do we unlearn the ability to walk…

If You Knew You Could Not Fail ~ What Would You Attempt?

I think it is to do with expectation… Expect to fail and quitting is the easy option, expect to win and you do what it takes….you build your future, doing whatever it takes.

Things may be tough to achieve, but knowing why you want it, will be a more powerful driver than knowing how to achieve it.

If the Need to secure your pension is great, you will do what is needed to achieve your goals.

Now my Mum, much as I loved her, was not as super positive as she at first sounds in this tale… You see she loved me hugely and never wanted me to feel the hurt of failure. In her desperate attempts to keep me safe, she would always advise …

Oh don't get your hopes up dear, you don't want to be disappointed”,

and as we tried to move a business idea forward she would be heard to mutter, little things, about people being grateful for what they already had and

“don't risk your security dear, that is a very good job you have there”

And in those few words of kindness, intended to keep me safe, she unwittingly programmed me to live a life of mediocrity.

All these little platitudes, said with the greatest of kindness, designed to keep me safe, were actually very detrimental, they undermined my confidence.

When she was teaching me to walk, the expectation was “he can walk, he is born to walk!” So she encouraged, gave me a  push, stood back and allowed me to fall, to learn from my mistakes, to fail forward, as Stuart Ross says.

By becoming risk averse, you never have a chance of winning, so you fail by default… simply not taking the chances, doesn't make you safe, it condemns you to mediocrity, average, the best of the worst, the worst of the best, the cream of the crap!

Thanks Mum, Build A Future, Secure Your Pension

Now you reading this shows me that you want to take a move to bettering your life, to giving your family what you know they deserve, but deep down inside you can hear your mum say “Oh don't get your hopes up dear… You Know what these things are like, it's all right for those who get in at the beginning!”..., and with that simple single sentence, based on a mothers wish to protect her infant from disappointments in the school play, 38 years ago you stop.

Build your future? Secure your pension? You couldn't build a lego house with your Mum telling you, you couldn't… So we need to re-program our mind.

Why not just this once hear your Mum say go on you can do it as she wipes away a tear and kisses the scratch on your knee, pats your little backside as you stumble away to your dads outstretched arms.. You Can Do This ! So Go build your future, and secure your pension, many people will be here to help.

To all you walkers out there… just remember those lessons of determination your Mum taught you…And apply them to the rest of your life …then fill in your name and email address HERE and I will get some information straight to you … or if you would prefer a quick chat, with some one who will actually listen to YOU … Then Fill in this appointment scheduler and we can have a chat on Skype…or just click the banner at the bottom

I Look forward to hearing from you

Take Care


Build Your Future

I Will Match Your Pace Till You are Up and Running

I just saw this video today, which although a commercial advert, is still a very good illustrator of the above post


To Mum

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Thanks Mum, Build Your Future, Secure Your Pension


Thanks Mum,  MumTiny Williams W.A.A.F.

Joined at 15. A remarkable lady.