You Have To Know WhyWould that Picture motivate you? It does me…….read on to find out why …


We have all probably heard the expression,

” The man that knows how, will always work for the man that knows why”.

I don't know who coined that phrase, but it is, without doubt, the most fundamental part of working for yourself!

Do you know WHY? Why are you doing this? Why are you taking these steps, Why are you investing this time and money, in your education, your future…because if you don't, you will stop and give up on yourself, and that is so sad…

Knowing why, will keep you plugged into the system, and if nothing else will arm your persistence to keep having the sense to ask for help or finding out how!

Your reason why will be very personal, and I can almost guarantee that in the beginning, it won't be flash cars, big houses, and loadsa money…. it may be,  and that may be what you tell people to impress them, but your inner mind probably doesn't believe that just now, and that is the point, you have to buy the reason why, no one else, and as you stand here with all the help and information around you, you have to have a reason deep within you to just keep going… especially in the early days.

I found my first reason why ( and they will change as you move on) in a supermarket check out lane.

This was 10 maybe 15 years ago, we had 3 children and No4 on the way, we had little or no money and a very tight budget. Absolutely NO Credit cards… no one would touch us back in those days, so a shopping trip was literally that … no buying, no treats, I used to take my list and blue tack a small calculator on the trolley handle and as stuff went in the basket, I totted up the price, to keep a running total so that when we got to the check out we had the right money.

On the day in question I had taken my eldest son with me to give my wife a break, and we had trained the children well by then, no pestering as it gets you nowhere, no sweets, no pop, no toys! Anyway, he had been really helpful fetching groceries for me from around the store, and not putting them in until I had entered the price… we were doing really well and I reckoned I had a spare £1.50, so I said he could have some sweets up to 50p in value for all his help…

Well, bless him he chose a small packet of Maltesers for less than 35 p and clung onto them for grim death.

I don't know what went wrong, I may have missed a decimal point, I may have missed an item completely but when the lady got the end of the shopping my total and her totals were different and mine was wrong, and what was worse, hers was higher.

I think this was the worst  humiliation I have ever suffered, the queue behind us was enjoying the show, Tom was confused, the checkout lady was quite enjoying herself, ( There is something about reveling in other peoples misery that seems to be prevalent in today's society and I hate it) “What do you want to put back then?” She quizzed, at what sounded to me, like the top of her voice!

Tom looked up and said here you are, daddy, and offered me the Maltesers, and in that split second I knew, I knew WHY, I didn't want this anymore… and that reason why stuck with me for a very long time, it made me focus at work, in my day job, it crystallized my vision for the future, and it was the catalyst that energized me into looking for business opportunities to set me free from the never-ending grind…

Following that incident I started listening to the people who had my best interests at heart who were helping me, I started reading, I started listening, and I got busy, There was no instant success, I doubt there ever is, but life changed, I became more successful at work and in business, but perhaps, most importantly I just kept going.


Your reason why doesn't have to be what you WANT, sometimes it can be far more motivating to actually define what you don't want. But Your Reason Why MUST Motivate YOU.

I hope this helps you to find your reason why,

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