me-in-pahanto2Hi my name is Steve Greenhalgh,
I am a Digital Marketing Coach and Mentor, and co-founder of an international mastermind group that specializes in helping online and offline businesses develop greater profit.
I am   the author of The Report,  ‘Exposing 7 Myths That Stop People Creating Financial Security Through Digital Marketing'… and several insider reports  addressing specific marketing techniques.
I have been working online since May 2012, full time since October 2014.
Since being able to have control over my income and time, I have become passionate about helping other people to achieve the same.
I use various methods to make that happen, leveraging the power of the internet.
Primarily I work as an affiliate marketer, promoting other peoples products for commissions.*

I have worked with over 493 people over the last 4 years. Some have simply learned how to create a secondary income to take the pressure off. Many Couples decided they wanted to be “THERE” for their children's care, and created enough wealth to enable one or both to stay at home for that purpose, and one young lady, Marie, created a business that gave her and HER HUSBAND, lifestyle choices, and the ability to step out in freedom together.  See my testimonial page here..

Do you know some one who would like to control their time and income?  Maybe you are looking to create a substantial second income, If you would like to learn more … just add your name and best email address to the box below, and a series of informational videos will come direct to your inbox…

 * Individual results will vary ~ No results are guaranteed ~ Please see full disclaimer at the bottom of this page


No Results Are Guaranteed. Individual Results Will Vary…The Training, products and business systems we provide are for educational purposes. The Testimonials here are real, however just because others have achieved a certain result, should not be taken or even implied that you will have the same result. There will some people who do make money, and others who do not. Individual results will vary greatly, but will be determined by effort, determination, hard work, and the ability to follow directions.
Steve Greenhalgh T/A BCM Marketing,19 Main Street Worthington, Ashby-de-la-Zouch LE 65 1RQ