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Are You Scared To Push the Buttons?



Push Button 1

A PDF file will start to download to your computer. You can save it and read it at your leisure.

Push Button 2

A video of Stuart Ross, co-founder of The SFM, will start,you will be able to pause it and grab a coffee, a pen and paper, set yourself down for an hour it does go into some detail…

As A result of your subscription a stream of emails containing the start to your training, we call it the “bootcamp series”, will start coming into your inbox.

So please white list these emails, ( Check your junk mail, If I am not in your email list, your settings may just divert me straight there)They go into some detail show what is involved, how we do what we do, a bit of why we do it, there will also be a couple of links to free reports written By Stuart, all in all a package worth around $497, but I want  you to have full access to the information so that you can make an informed decision,

At the end of every email is the opportunity to unsubscribe, so that the power to receive the information is in your hands, Not Mine… OK ?



Right  any other questions please use the contacts list on my Web Site  email is probably the best place to start , I am out so much at the moment, skype is poor, mobile is good,Email is safe … I can then make an appointment time for you to call me on Skype and we can answer any questions, and perhaps address any of  your concerns….


Good I look forward to hearing from you soon