I Was, The invisible Man, in my work uniform.

  I had a love / hate with my old blues, the drivers uniform, the cloak of invisibility. Sometimes the anonymous delivery driver wanted to scream just to get people notice him!

At Home, I was Dad.

At the Sailing Club I was Stevie G,

there was respect, and love in both.

It was like If I lived the Lifestyle it gave me a badge,I was a leader,

but as soon as the old blues went on, I was…

The Invisible Man… Even to the point that when I went to Mercedes to pick up my new car, straight from work… I was dressed as a delivery driver …

I made my way into the reception to be told rather rudely that deliveries go straight to stores, er no I have come to pick up a car… well you should have gone to the garage it is clearly signed … ( Said in that way that suggests may be I can't read either! ) Er No I have come to collect my New Car! All Flustered embarrassment and apologies follow, an honest mistake, but quite upsetting both for the girl and for me… I mean it is bad enough at work, but when I was the customer it did actually hurt … ( My pride perhaps)

The Invisible Man – Be Seen

So how do you overcome these social bars, these stereo types that seem to dog us? Is It just lifestyle that defines us?

Maybe it does not bother you, when you walk into an office and some young kid male or female, just ignores you, they play with their phone, sending mindless texts, yawn and look straight through you, to talk to another kid behind you that just walked in. You say “excuse me”, and they look at you as though you've sprung from behind a light stand and should not be there …

“hold on mate”… ( I am not your mate I grind to myself)

“I'm dealing with this person” ( Oh so I am not even a person then Grind)

“Right whatchew want then?”

“I have this urgent parcel for Miss XYz in the Lab on 10th”,

“oh well I cannot take lab supplies here”, …

“It always goes to her direct” I say,

Thinks { It has been going to her direct since I started this run 25 years ago, since at least 7 years before you were born sonny }

“If You just call extension 123 She will pop down and sign for it … it is urgent”…

“I can't phone from ‘ere”.   …Thinks{ yes you can you moron}

Look, You get the point I am sure, you may even be having conversations like this all day…

Become The Leader You Were Born To Be

If I could show you how to become a leader, some one, who people around the world listen to and respect,

Would you want to hear what I have to say?…

I get a feeling you would be a little cynical…

I know just how you feel, when I first started my on line career I doubted anyone would ever listen to me… why should they,

I am just the invisible man… no one even sees me let alone listens…

Time To Go Back To School

Over the last few years I have made an incredible investment in myself. Sick of being The  invisible man, I wanted to to do something about it. I committed countless hours, most of my savings, and traded family and vacation time to self education. I sought out the best of the best leaders online who could teach me the skills, I needed, to be able to write my own pay check and become financially independent online.
Have I arrived? not quite – but,
I am proud today to say that no longer do I feel like the  invisible man.
I am a leader who gets to help people who are struggling, just as I was.
I get to share with them, the hope and excitement that can only come from freeing yourself from the job that limits and binds us to the lifestyle we never would have chosen for our future…

The Invisible Man is offering you an opportunity, have some one listen to you.

I want to know just what you are having to deal with. I really get that life is not all it is dressed up to be sometimes,

 If you find yourself relating to this post, maybe you have experienced something similar to me. I'd love to share with you the same free videos that I stumbled across and that had such an impact on me.

This information truly showed me a new way to not only get myself free and out of from my current situation of feeling trapped. But also exactly how it's now possible in todays online world to be able to find opportunities that give me the ability to write my own paycheck and take control of my future finances and freedom.In fact a way to create my own lifestyle, that I love I'd truly love to think I can help a few people by just simply sharing this stuff.  https://stevegreenhalgh.co.uk/lsmob/

Another quick point I’ll make. Is that each video, which will be delivered one day at a time over the next week (to save information overload) will probably set off so many lightbulb moments when it comes to solving the problems I have been sharing here, like feeling trapped and limited with your income options.

You can access the first of the videos here https://stevegreenhalgh.co.uk/lsmob/

If you have any questions for me at all after checking this out. I'm here and always happy to help anyone who can relate to the things I have shared.

I love no longer being invisible, how about you?

I Look Forward to hearing from you

Take Care


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